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  • Ep 6: Our Man Booker contenders

    Episode 6 of James and Ashley Stay at Home features James and I sharing our early experiences as writers – which always make for entertaining stories – and three tips we’ve learned along the way. You can listen to it here. James wrote his first novel at age seven. Frankly, it sounds like a masterpiece […]

  • When life gives you lemonades … just eat them

    When life gives you lemonades … just eat them

    Remember back in January, when many of us made new year’s resolutions, as if 2020 was going to be any old year where we could make plans and go about our everyday lives? I found this especially ironic because, back in 2019, I made a list of resolutions that I planned to fail at (and […]

  • Be the fan you wish you had

    Here’s something I’m ashamed to admit: when I moved to Australia several years ago, I’d never read an Australian author. It wasn’t a purposeful omission. I grew up in small-town Canada, reading mostly Americans and Brits. It wasn’t the move across the Pacific that changed my habits; it was my decision to pursue writing seriously. I assumed the quality […]

  • Trust the process

    Recently I sat down to write an essay. It started off okay, but the more I wrote, the more difficult it got, until I was contemplating dropping my laptop off the balcony just to be done with it. The first thing I did for this essay was open a blank Word doc called ‘Notes on The […]

  • Like floating in space, but wet

    My doctors advised me to manage my chronic fatigue recovery by taking frequent rests throughout the day. This is fine if I’m home, where there’s no people buzzing around, where I can put on my eye mask and if necessary, noise-cancelling headphones. When I’m not home, it’s harder to actually rest. And sometimes it’s not possible to […]

  • 2017’s Hottest Fashion Trends

    Habanero sauce, rubbed everywhere Skirt made from rings of fire Miniature Hadron Collider vest, set to 9.9 trillion °F Actual fireplace strapped to your waist Paper mâché volcano hat Suit made of quasars (they’re very hot) Full-body skin suit of 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive Gloves that are actually Carolina Reaper peppers Dwarf star fascinator The Hope Diamond, after […]

  • My opinions on dog names will eventually result in divorce

    Unless they’re the children of celebrities, human babies are generally stuck with boring people names. But dogs can be called any sort of amazing name at all. It’s insultingly uncreative to give a dog a human name. Like a french bulldog I met, who was named, of all things, Gerald. Gerald could have been named Clams […]

  • 5 life hacks you absolutely must follow or you’ll be dead by Friday

    1. Taupe is your colour. That’s right, taupe. 2. Attach paperclips to a hanger, then put in your freezer to avoid thinking about your credit card debt. 3. If you’re driving in snow and spin out, pour a bucket of hot water under each tire. Seriously. Your neighbours won’t laugh at you. 4. Put a […]

  • Your muscles: a user’s guide

    Hello and welcome to your new muscles! They’re not really new, of course; you’ve had them for 30-some years. But because the only greens in your diet are lime-flavoured jellybeans, and you’ve spent approximately 97% of your waking hours hunched in front of glowing rectangles, your muscles have entered a new phase of deterioration. The […]