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  • Hollywood’s great kookaburra con

    24 May 2018 [journal excerpts] In the latest Jurassic Park, in the first establishing shot of the jungle, there’s the sound of a kookaburra call. We’re supposed to think it’s monkeys. I’ve noticed this in other US films as well. So I finally looked it up online and yes, this a Hollywood trope, the kookaburra call […]

  • Surviving small talk with hairdressers

    April 26 [journal excerpts] Sydney When I finally decided that the broken, miserable tangle past my shoulders needed to go, I made an appointment with a new hairdresser. He’d been recommended as someone who knew how to deal with thick hair. I loved my long hair – pulling it up in a bun, braiding it – […]

  • I am curious about your tattoos

    August 9 [journal excerpts] Noosa, QLD Shopkeeper referring to a whale-watching cruise: “The water out that way becomes chuck city.” The same shopkeeper: “The best way to leave Noosa with a million dollars is to come with ten.” August 10 The most Aussie sight: two teenage boys on the pavement, three surfboards between them. One rode […]

  • Thefting by finding

    When I was 14, my aunt gave me a purple journal with Garfield on the cover (the cat, not the president). This indicates how cool I was at 14. Having barely any friends gave me heaps of time to write in my journal. I’ve kept up that habit for more than two decades. I sometimes […]

  • The bear likes ice cream

    April 24, 2018 Walking home on Saturday, I passed ten guys all dressed as Luigi. They had identical Luigi hats and big black moustaches, but also shorts and loafers without socks. They were trying to find a pub, and though it was only three pm, I got the impression that they’d just left a pub. […]