Category: Poems

  • An onlooker at the Carnival of Snackery

    ‘When is the last time an actual human interaction made you laugh more thana meme did?’ – Samantha Irby If I hadn’t been immersed in the Sedarian worldview, I probably wouldn’t have made the offhand joke about ghosts to the ferry attendant. I definitely wouldn’t have caught that his intention, when he asked me about […]

  • Ep 41 When you get it this young, you have it forever with author and editor Heather Taylor Johnson

    When she was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease at age 25, one of the many things it meant for Heather was that she’d have to quit skydiving – though not until she’d injured herself trying to hold on the person she was before. Heather Taylor Johnson is a writer and editor. Born in Minnesota and now living […]

  • Fruitys for Life*

    The people in the computer Your work has started a conversationTeeth over teeth tattoo Live fast, die pirate Think of good things 15 seconds plus, think about how it made you feel! Chuck black high heelsCupcake with bowFruitys for life Thanks to the health professionals and all other essential people.Addicted to hair Snake bite speeding […]

  • My neighbourhood is a poem

    Lately I’ve been collecting the names of houses in my neighbourhood. Where I grew up, houses didn’t have names. They were just houses. Everything else had names, including apartment buildings, but not houses, and that didn’t seem strange. When I moved to Australia, I was surprised by how many houses had names, and announced those […]

  • Do not tell people about your Prize Award

    We are pleased to inform you of the release of the SPANISH SWEEPSTAKE LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION PROGRAM Your email address drew the lucky numbers 01-5-11-12-21-34 that consequently won the lottery in the 3rd category. The business I am introducing you to is palpably based on sheer trust and with a sense of purpose for all […]

  • Spoons

    The problem with spoon theory is that I never know how many spoons I’ll have any given day. If I knew I had ten spoons, I could use them accordingly. But today I might have seven spoons and tomorrow only three, with no idea why. As though someone sneaks into my cutlery drawer at night […]

  • A poetry review poem

    I’ll confess I don’t read much poetry. I’m far more likely to recommend Australian non-fiction or the latest John Sandford thriller, like Buried Prey. But then I saw Billy Collins on a talk show, reading from Aimless Love, and fell for his great playfulness and depth. Still, it took me two years to buy the book— so much lost time! […]

  • Yak: a haiku

    Yak yak yak. Yak yak Yak yak yak yak yak, yak? Yak Yak yak. Yak.