Dark Mode

Once you’re online, there’s nowhere to hide

Is it paranoia – or is someone watching?

For years, Reagan Carsen has kept her life offline. No socials. No internet presence. No photos. Safe.

Until the day she stumbles on a shocking murder in a Sydney laneway. The victim looks just like her.


As more murders shake the city and she’s increasingly drawn out from hiding, Reagan is forced to confront her greatest fear.

She’s been found.

A riveting psychological thriller drawn from true events, Dark Mode delves into the terrifying reality of the dark web, and the price we pay for surrendering our privacy one click at a time.

Out March 2023 from Ultimo Press

‘Thrilling and twisty – get ready to be paranoid’
JP Pomare

Inspired by true crimes, including the Black Dahlia murder, Dark Mode delves into the insidious nature of living in an online world, creating a creeping, suffocating sense of terror for readers.

Fascinated by the psychology behind crime – who commits it, how it’s investigated and what it tells us about society – Ashley was compelled to write a thriller exploring her own worst fears.

Through research into the dark web, Ashley discovered how terrifyingly easy it is for our personal information to be discovered and used against us. Combining this with the growing subculture of incels and men’s right activists on the web, Ashley has created a modern thriller that speaks to how deeply the lines between the online world and reality have blurred.

Set over a sweltering summer, Dark Mode is a fresh, riveting thriller that highlights the price we pay for surrendering our privacy one click at a time.

‘Dark and twisty, this thrilling offering from Ashley Kalagian Blunt is absolutely not to be missed. This book will keep you up at night.’
Hayley Scrivenor, author of Dirt Town

‘If you think that what happens on the dark web will never affect you, this book begs the question: are you sure about that? Like, sure-sure? A twisty, terrifying thriller, Dark Mode will have you buying a flip phone and moving off the grid the second you turn the final page, just so you can breathe again. I loved it.’
Pip Drysdale, author of The Next Girl

‘With Dark Mode, Ashley Kalagian Blunt has turned her love of true crime and passion for suspense fiction into a fierce wake-up call of a thriller, one that looks unflinchingly at the horrors of the dark web and sheds light on the unimaginable. Riveting, tense and supremely chilling, this is an eye-opening must-read for crime fiction fans everywhere.’
Anna Downes, author of The Safe Place

‘Hold on tight because this heart-stopping page-turner will shake you to your core. With its bizarre crimes, explosive revelations, and unbearable tension, Dark Mode shatters our blithe acceptance of the online world in a nail-biting thriller that is unforgettable. Ashley Kalagian Blunt is a masterful storyteller who has ingeniously twisted fact with fiction to deliver an absolute cracker of a read. Honestly, you won’t be able to put it down until you know who, when, where, how and why. Leave the light on, lock your door, and for god’s sake, check your privacy settings.’
Lyn Yeowart, author of The Silent Listener

‘A chilling and utterly gripping read that shines a light on misogyny and toxicity thriving in plain sight and its devastating consequences for women. Ashley Kalagian Blunt plunges the reader into the darkest corners of the internet and it could not be more terrifying! A superb thriller that will keep you riveted to the page and dial up your tech anxieties to eleven.’
Dinuka McKenzie, author of The Torrent

‘Wow. Page turning, chilling dread that kept me guessing until the end. Ashley Kalagian Blunt hits it out of the park, creating a dark world where your worst fears aren’t the worst thing to fear – not even close.’
RWR McDonald, author of Nancy Business

‘Absolutely terrifying! I turned every page with my heart in my mouth, utterly hooked by this explosive thriller. Ashley Kalagian Blunt taps into the dangers we face online every day and the monsters in our midst. Dark Mode is a powerful and disturbing story which will keep you thinking long after you’ve finished reading.’
Petronella McGovern, author of The Liars

Dark Mode’s greatest achievement is that, as the pieces fall into place, it’s not just Reagan Carsen’s world that’s turned upside down – it’s ours. Its stunning payoff doesn’t just reverberate through the pages, but beyond the book and into the world at large … there are some realities most of us would sooner pretend are impossible than acknowledge are already here. Kalagian Blunt forces our gazes upon them in this compulsive and breathless thriller.’
James McKenzie Watson, author of Denizen

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