Upcoming events

The Monologue Project: Voices of Women
May 13, 15 and 17 at Studio MV, Petersham
Among the monologues being read by professional actors will be one of mine, titled “Tonight’s Performance: You’ve Definitely Got Rabies”

Story Club comedy performance, December 2017, Ashley Kalagian BluntPast events
The current limitations of the space-time continuum mean you’re unable to attend these events. Technicians are working on the problem.

Story Club: The Snowball Effect
Monday 4 December, 8pm
Giant Dwarf

Newtown Festival Writers Tent: Millennials Strike Back
Sunday 12 November, 4:20pm
Newtown Festival, Sydney

Stand-up Comedy
Tuesday 16 May, 7pm
Comedy Junction, Bondi

Noted Festival: Blind Date with a Book
Saturday 6 May, 6pm
Have you ever wished that humans were books? Well now they are, and you can date one! Noted presents Blind Date with a Book – the literary dating show you didn’t know you needed. I’ll guide one lucky contestant on their journey to find their literary ever after. Who will be the lucky book? You?

Raw Comedy Semifinals!
Tuesday 14 March, 8pm
The Comedy Store, Moore Park, 8pm

Raw Comedy Competition
Tuesday 28 February, 8pm
The Comedy Store, Moore Park, 8pm

Talking Writing: Casing the Joint
Thursday 23 February, 6.30-8pm
NSW Writers’ Centre, Callan Park

Thursday 17 November, 8pm
A Mic In Hand, Glebe

Little Fictions: Comedy Knox
Tuesday 8 November, 7-10pm
Knox Street Bar, Chippendale

National Young Writers’ Festival 2016 highlights: