My Name Is Revenge


My Name is Revenge fiction by Ashley Kalagian Blunt, writerOn 17 December 1980, at 9:47 am, two men shot the Turkish consul-general to Sydney and his bodyguard near the consul’s home in Vaucluse. The assassins aimed, fired, and vanished.

A finalist in the 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award, My Name is Revenge is a novella set in 1980s Sydney and based on true events, including this assassination and tracing back to the Armenian genocide of World War I. It includes a companion essay exploring the story’s historical context.

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Ashley Kalagian Blunt delivers what truly potent novellas are capable of: awakening us to new possibilities of thought and feeling. As with Orwell’s Animal Farm and Garner’s The Children’s Bach, this story raises questions that linger and does not give us easy answers. Raw, intense and at times unbearably tender, Kalagian Blunt gives voice to survivors of the Armenian genocide — voices that cry out to be heard in their power and poignancy, their historic hurts and continuing hope for redemption.

Katerina Cosgrove, author of Bone Ash Sky


As you finish and catch your breath, you realise you’ve devoured a fascinating narrative and essay, but you’ve also learned about the Armenian Genocide of World War I, in which as many as 1.5 million Armenians were killed by order of the Ottoman Government. … My Name is Revenge is immersive and affecting, written with balance and compassion.

Fiona Robertson, Australian author


Ashley Kalagian Blunt’s accomplished My Name is Revenge is a gritty story of justice denied and how it reverberates in the lives of migrant families.

– Dasha Maiorova, Australian author


The pace of the story and the narrator’s worries immediately build and sustain a high pitch of tension.

Writing NSW reviews