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  • Best books of 2022

    Best books of 2022

    It’s been an exciting year preparing for the release of Dark Mode and making progress on my next psychological thriller. Soon I’m going to be sharing all about how the book came together, and more of the fascinating things I learned while researching it. Meanwhile, leading up to holiday mania, I wanted to share my […]

  • A more hopeful view of humankind

    Around the world, the vast majority of people believe things are getting worse. But in Humankind: A Hopeful History, Rutger Bregman shows us that “The reality is exactly the opposite. Over the last several decades, extreme poverty, victims of war, child mortality, crime, famine, child labour, deaths in natural disasters and the number of plane […]

  • 2019: The reading year in review

    In 2019, for the first time in years, I read more fiction (slightly more) than non-fiction. Perhaps, in this third year of illness, I needed to escape more. ‘Everybody should be reading 20 pages of fiction – from a real book – to open or close each day‘, as a way to  increase our empathy, […]

  • Fighting with a monkey

    For the past week I’ve been in an ongoing fight with a monkey. It’s not clear who’s winning. Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst The specific monkey I’m fighting with is Mailchimp, because – surprise! – I’m planning to send out the best author emails you’ve ever received. Q: Ashley, I already read your website, […]