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  • If this Australian animal is after you, it might be personal

    How Deadly is a series of short videos featuring ABC’s resident ‘nature nerd’, Ann Jones, available on iView. Ann answers all the pressing questions: how realistic are the crocodile scenes in movies like Lake Placid and Crocodile Dundee? Are snakes cannibals? How do kangaroos feel about parachutes? How many people have been murdered by emus? […]

  • Urban bird varieties heard from my apartment

    Orange-handled table saw Speckled garbage truck Fork-tailed operatic hobo High-pitched taxi brakes Great eastern jackhammer Lesser eastern jackhammer European bus engine Common chainsaw Native cement grinder Crested shriek-tit neighbour

  • It’s a takin

    Me: Look, it’s a takin. Husband: It’s attackin’ what? Note: The takin is the official national animal of the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan. Seriously, look it up.