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  • Artist statement – on becoming a crime writer

    Artist statement – on becoming a crime writer

    My first publication happened when I was seven, in the Young Saskatchewan Writers school district anthology. In my copy, a message from my grade one teacher reads, ‘Keep writing stories.’ In 2017, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and ended up mostly homebound and unable to participate meaningfully in my own life. I was […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

    New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

    Looking over the past few years, my relationship with resolutions has been complex. In 2019 I made an intentionally ludicrous list. In 2020, I tried for sincere resolutions, and then the pandemic happened. In 2021 I refused to make plans or goals, and 2022 wasn’t much different. I must be feeling optimistic again, because I’ve […]

  • Ep 67 Learning with a beginner’s mindset with Darryl ‘The Bird Guy’ Jones

    Ep 67 Learning with a beginner’s mindset with Darryl ‘The Bird Guy’ Jones

    ‘I regard my seventh book, Curlews on Vulture Street … as my first real writing. You know, this is the one I’m most proud of. It was the biggest challenge and the one I enjoyed the most.’ Darryl Jones is a Professor of Ecology at Griffith University in Brisbane, where for over 30 years he […]

  • Ep 63 How not to write a memoir with author Bronwyn Birdsall

    Ep 63 How not to write a memoir with author Bronwyn Birdsall

    After contracting glandular fever as a child (aka mono), Bronwyn Birdsall ended up with such bad chronic fatigue, she missed six months of school. This was at a time when there was still significant stigma surrounding the illness. Bronwyn grew up in Sydney. At age 24, she moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and worked […]

  • Ep 60 How to write a prize-winning novel with James McKenzie Watson, author of Denizen

    When he was 22 years old, James McKenzie Watson began to experience the first symptoms of what doctors suspected was Guillain–Barré syndrome. To test for this, they gave him a spinal tap (not the rock and roll kind). After the procedure he had to lie on his back for two hours. In that time, he […]

  • Ep 58 When your body betrays you with author Rae Cairns

    After a broken finger brought on a debilitating illness, author Rae Cairns lost two years as her doctors searched for the right treatment. A bad reaction to drugs caused her hair to fall out. When her health had stabilised enough for her to return to writing, she lost her literary agent. Undeterred, Rae self-published her […]

  • Ep 54 Living with ambiguous loss, with author Erin Stewart

    A lot of true crime cases start the same way – someone didn’t show up at work, or didn’t come home on time. Their family or friends go to the police to report them missing, but the police tell them they have to wait, or don’t act on the information, or don’t believe the family members. […]

  • Ep 53 Happiness in a turbulent world with award-winning author Fiona Robertson

    Fiona Robertson lived with migraines for years, writing short stories as a creative pursuit. Now she’s free from migraines and the award-winning author of the debut short story collection, If You’re Happy. Her work explores the lives of lonely people seeking happiness in a turbulent world. In episode 53 of James and Ashley Stay at […]

  • The top 10 most popular episodes of James and Ashley Stay at Home

    James and Ashley Stay at Home, the podcast I co-host with author James McKenzie Watson, is about to hit 50 episodes. We’ve been exploring writing, creativity and health since way back in June 2020, and we’ve talked to an amazing variety of guests. If you live with chronic illness or have a writing or creative […]