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  • Ep 12: Magic cures & snake oil with Petronella McGovern

    In episode 12 of James and Ashley Stay at Home, we talk to bestselling author Petronella McGovern about her new novel The Good Teacher. Petronella is a domestic thriller author and editor who grew up on a family farm outside Bathurst, NSW. After living in Canberra for a number of years, she moved to Northern […]

  • Ep 8: Talking good dogs with Kate Leaver

    Ep 8: Talking good dogs with Kate Leaver

    I’ve been a fan of dogs basically since I was born. Ted, the handsome furball on the right, was my parents’ first baby – I came along a little later. I guess they decided they’d rather have a second dog than a second child, because for a while, this was their little menagerie. (Eventually they […]

  • How to cook and eat your pets

    Hello and welcome to the collapse of modern civilization! NASA was right on the money with that one, it turns out. I suppose accidentally blowing up a couple trillion-dollar space shuttles teaches you something about accuracy. One relief is we can finally update that old saying to something more modern, such as ‘How come the […]

  • 7 furry highlights of the Dog Lovers Show

    1. Samoyeds forget to charge at the Kissing Booth (this breed isn’t known for their accounting skills) .  2. Are these Irish setters? There’s really no way to tell.  3. The Tibetan terrier, a breed known for not having any eyeballs.  4. This pug is famous on the internet but still pretty down to earth, you know?   […]