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  • Ep 70 The secret of work/life balance with Dr Hilton Koppe

    Ep 70 The secret of work/life balance with Dr Hilton Koppe

    What happens when your job results in PTSD, forcing you into unexpected retirement? You write a memoir, of course! At least, that’s what Dr Hilton Koppe did when he suddenly had to leave his practice as a rural GP. Hilton Koppe is a writer, workshop facilitator, podcaster and doctor living on Bundjalung land on the […]

  • Success story – Curlews on Vulture Street

    ‘Plenty is going on between humans and wildlife. This intersection of realms is where I have been dwelling now for several decades; the strange, exhilarating place where people and nature mix, often uneasily, trying to understand what the heck is going on.’ – from the introduction to Curlews on Vulture Street Curlews on Vulture Street: Cities, […]

  • The 13 top writing tips I wish I’d had before I started

    I’ve wanted to be an author since 1989, when I was six years old. I took creative writing workshops in university and college. I churned out novels and stories and possibly the worst poetry in history of English. In my early thirties, I spent five years writing and revising a creative non-fiction book that, despite […]