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  • Being sick is like being trapped in a car while your husband goes hiking

    “Trapped” might be overstating it, since the car doors were unlocked, though metaphorically you could say I’m trapped by illness, and therefore it’s an accurate interpretation of our trip to the Blue Mountains last week. I’m still sick, and still taking regular breaks from the whole-lotta-nothing I generally do most days. And it’s still boring […]

  • CSI: Your Life

    The post in post-infective fatigue syndrome indicates that an infection was the catalyst for the illness. In effect, I had an infection and my body successfully fought it off, but something went wrong in that process, which led to PIFS. But there’s no way to what the infection was. For a lot of people it’s glandular […]

  • Let’s go out for cool water and zucchini slices

    You probably heard that I quit sugar recently. Well, technically speaking – and there are a lot of technical details based on questionable science – I quit fructose. A skinny blonde woman and a man claiming to be a doctor said fructose is bad and I should stop eating it, and also stop being in […]